Work Wear Jewellery Guide for all working women!!

After deciding upon outfit, now it’s time to accessorize. But as with all office wear jewellery or Workwear jewellery, the struggle is real to decide upon what jewelry to wear at Office. Will danglers go with printed dress? How about chunky neck-piece for button-down shirts? What to wear and what not to wear? We’re sure; these questions will strike your mind when you start getting ready for office. Luckily, StyleBae is here to sort your confusion. Earlier we told you how you can flaunt your personal style and your options when you do not want to wear heels to the office. Now we are back with this work wear jewellery guide. Scroll down for stylish examples

Cheer up your earlobes with tiny studs

Go for classy studs than gaudy danglers. This is the best option, especially when you’re running out of time in the early pre-office hour when work wear fashion looks daunting. Remember this: studs can go with everything.

Gold-plated or silver, just keep it minimal with single pearl or crystal embellishment and you are sure to make heads turn.

work wear jewellery studs

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Keep it minimal. Keep it classy!


Let’s chain it!

Whether it’s a solid tee or skater dress, either button down shirt or printed tunic, just go for a sleek tasselled or Y-chain to make a statement. Nothing wrong in opting layered neck-piece ’cause sometimes just one isn’t enough!

wprk wear jewellery necklace

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Stack your Wrist

If you think just a wrist watch is enough to justify your office look, you are absolutely wrong! After looking at these pretty bracelet collection offered, we bet, you will change your perception.

work wear jewellery - bracelets


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Petite rings

You will never go wrong with these delicate as they look amazing with anything. Few curated options by us can pinch your fashion buds. Band rings, midi rings, handcrafted rings… which one would you include in your workwear jewellery kit?

work wear jewellery - rings

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The one divine rule for work wear jewellery:

The simpler you keep it, the more attractive you look

Make space in your jewel box for these pretty pieces to nail your office look. I’m damn sure that these baubles will definitely go with all outfits, no matter what the occasion is.

Do let us know what you think of your guide for workwear jewellery.



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