So many women get a good education yet do not choose to work for a living. The reasons may be restrictions from the family or own choice. While it is totally okay if you choose to be a homemaker, there are some tempting reasons on why women should opt to work 

Financial independence

In today’s times, money is of immense importance – one cannot survive without it. You need money to fulfill your basic needs, as well as for your future security. And depending on others for money makes one vulnerable. Having a job makes you financially independent. This means never having to depend on your parents or spouse for money, even to fulfill the smallest of your needs! Whether you want to splurge on clothes and jewellery or buy a car or a house of you own; there’s no greater satisfaction than buying things you love with the money you yourself earned! You can travel around the world and you can save for your future- there’s no restriction on the way you wish to use your money.

Living life on your own terms

Financial independence has a direct effect on a person’s agency to take decisions for themselves. When you have a job and earn money, what you do in your life will be your own prerogative and not somebody else’s. You’ll have more authority in making important life decisions including marriage, lifestyle choices, finances, mobility, higher education, and family matters. Let no one tell you what to do, live life on your own terms- be your own boss!

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Develop your personality

Working to make a living is not easy. You have to toil, put in hours of hard work and dedication, and face multiple workplace challenges every day. But the rewards you get from the job are all worth it. You develop great skills of time management, networking, teamwork, and leadership. The experiences that you get, both good and bad, help you grow as a person. You become a more confident and a responsible person. These are the qualities which in turn also help you in the personal and social spheres of life.

Make your own identity

When you have given your time and energy to something, it becomes your identity. Working women are recognized by their profession. You’re a doctor, an engineer, a teacher, a corporate woman, not just somebody’s daughter or sister or wife. So don’t let your identity be attached to someone else’s identity, make your own!

You learn to love yourself

Work gives you a greater sense of self. You realize your self-worth. Every morning you get up and dress up in your favorite clothes, wear your favorite shoes and accessories. You learn to spend on things you love.

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The article has been authored by Kritika Singh, Scholar of Livelihood and Social Entrepreneurship from TISS Mumbai. She is actively engaged in helping rural women find a livelihood and firmly believes that every woman in India has the right to live a life of meaning and dignity. The views present in the article are her own. You can contact her at kritika.sk20@gmail.com

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