Things Your First Job Taught You; That College Didn’t!

Aspirations! The stepping stones towards the career that we chose to move ahead with. Moving from college to your first job can be pretty stressful while being exciting at the same time. You will get to learn ample of lessons from your first job that a classroom wouldn’t. Well there’s no need to fret for the professional journey! Just need to tread carefully and anticipate to deliver your best.

Develop compliance to “the new”:

Yes! There are chances, you studied all that theory in college, but the real world doesn’t really work by the same rules. It becomes important to welcome and embrace the new where acceptance plays a vital role. You might not relate to most of the things you learnt in college at your first job and eventually exercise your own judgement in office. Take pleasure in what you choose to do as it puts perfection to work.

1. Lay low to presumptions:

“Despair ruins some, presumption many”-well said by Benjamin Franklin. There’s so much to learn from every job and you’ll never know how good you are at doing a job until you actually do it. So the next time, before naively rejecting a job offer, give some time to analyse and access your own self. Think carefully if you should give it a shot!

2. Work in pleasure and passion:

Things just don’t happen overnight- be prepared for the all-nighters you will have to pull or at least the very long and very hectic work hours that you will have to put in and that can become easier if you take interest in your job. The passionately you work, the stronger your foundation gets.

3. Don’t stop believing:

No matter how hard it gets, never give up! Hold fast to your dreams to grow because only you can envision it and only you can make it happen. You need to dream big, even if it’s just mean building castles in the sky. Take your dreams from the pillow to the real world.

4. Keep negativity at bay:

Fight with the negativity that comes in the way as things do not always turn out the way you want it to which lead to million negative thoughts. Fortitude needs to be kept alive even in the toughest situations. You have be able to rise against all odds.



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