6 Things To Remember When You Join Work For The First Time

Just butterflies? You feel the entire zoo in your stomach when you head for first day at work. What will it like be? Would my boss be chill? Would I do good? Is is anything like those college internships? Expectations and expectations!!!

These six points shall ease that pressure. Read on:

Getting into the groove

Your first job is often accompanied with unreasonable pressures and heightened expectations. It leaves you feeling intimidated and a bit overwhelmed. So, take some time to get into the routine and learn things gradually.

Best foot forward

Remember to dress up smart. it is important to wear your confidence on your face on that first day to work. As they say, first impressions are important.

Jump in the mud and get your hands and feet dirty

“Ah! She’s the fresher!” At times, you might feel your supervisor is being really mean by giving you shit jobs. You might need to do even the smallest of the things like punching and keeping documents in files and maintaining them for records. Stick through. These are part and parcel of the learning process. No job is small.

Finding comfort in the chaos

Look for the order in the chaos that you are provided with and accept it as a normal feature. Interact with your new colleagues. They’ll guide you through the office rules.

Meeting sky-high expectations from management

Since all organisations have to make the mark in their own community, they take up very hard deadline projects and challenge themselves to execute it with finesse. You need to put in extra efforts in meeting those expectations. Don’t worry. You’re a smart woman. And Girls always do it better!

Remember – You can always rise

The most positive thing that you should always know is that you can always rise from whatever prevailing situation might be.

“Now or never” is a bit dramatic. Don’t ya think?

 Now is not the only chance you’ll ever have. You have your entire career ahead of you. There might be a situation where you have to decide upon two jobs you like, be decisive in such a situation. You can always mix things up down the road.

Break those damn rules!

Rules are important. They streamline the process. However, too many regulations prove to be a death nail to creativity. It’s okay to sometime break those insignificant rules that hinder your productivity. You’ve just joined an organisation and you brim with fresh ideas. Share those with your seniors and don’t be shy on taking up initiative.

And Always Remember. When in doubt, Breathe!



Anika Sonwani

Hi!!! This is Anika opening up with Nokrekk chapters for working women. While writing for Nokrekk, I got an opportunity to get in touch with the inner working women who faces, relishes and conquers the challenges of life with her inevitable grit. It has been an immense pleasure to explore writing while understanding relationships on different bounds and considerations. Looking forward to an adventurous and interesting journey accompanied with more such write-ups for the working women of today.

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