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Writing for Nokrekk always fills my heart with pride. I feel that in a tiny little way I am putting an effort to inspire women who work, women who know what they are doing and women who have big dreams. For a woman, to have her own identity is like having an invisible crown on her head and no matter how heavy it gets, she never lets it slip away. This blog post is dedicated to all those queens out there who have created their own kingdoms to rule. This is for the love they have for themselves and those who love and hate them. This season of love let’s celebrate the love we have for who we are and especially for what we do.

nokrekk work wear styletag vidisha littlesugarcubes

V-day is upon us and I am sure everyone is busy preparing themselves to express and show their love to their beloveds. But, I always wonder, why is this day only dedicated to loved-up couples. If we are talking about love, why don’t we ever talk about the love we have or should have for ourselves? Why don’t we wish ‘happy valentine’s day’ to our own selves first?  And what about love for the things like and do? And most importantly…our work!

A woman who is driven by her passion to work in the field of her choice and succeed in it, is a woman worth honour and respect and this doesn’t make women who do not work any less honourable or respectable. Like I always say, every woman is a piece of art and a soul to be appreciated. Knowing what you want and doing what you do the best is what we need to show our love towards.

nokrekk work wear styletag vidisha littlesugarcubes

You might get confused with what I am trying to say, so here are a few things to do this Valentine’s Day that will make you feel great about yourself and your work.

  • Spend some time with yourself before you head out for work, like do some yoga, have a hot cup of coffee or green tea [don’t worry I am not a fitness freak so I won’t focus on having green tea. Go girls! have a cup of hot strong super sweet coffee, you deserve it! 😉 ]
  • Plan your outfit the night before. You know how I always say, look good and feel. Set out your matching jewelry, bag, and shoes.
  • Take your own time to get ready. Look in the mirror as much as you can and yes, don’t forget to adjust your invisible crown darling.
  • Leave home a bit early and on your way listen to your favorite playlist
  • At work plan your day ahead, meetings, presentation even your gossip session 😛
  • Take some time out and think about what you like the most about your work and office. All the things you like will motivate you even more
  • Remind yourself at least once why you are doing the work you are doing
  • Don’t let that lipstick fade away, isn’t your lipstick mark on your coffee cup the sexiest thing you see (I have always loved it)
  • The most important one, before you leave your office, just sit on your seat for a while and relax. Feel like your own boss, feel powerful and determined and promise yourself that no matter how difficult it sounds to spend every day like this but, you shall try. Because a good day at work always calls for a good after work party. Work hard and party harder ladies!!


nokrekk work wear styletag vidisha littlesugarcubes

So there, this was a simple message for all those lovely ladies who work hard every day to gain that respect, dignity, and integrity. Our work defines who we are. So, work well and carry on. This is how we shall succeed, one day at a time and one step at a time. Work hard and build your own empire. Even if your empire has only a queen and no king, doesn’t matter. Who needs a king when the queen is so kickass. With all my heart I wish each one of you a very happy V-day.  Love away, but first love yourself.

Cheers!! xoxo



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Hello! This is Vidisha S welcoming you to Little Sugar Cubes section on Nokrekk. Writing has always been a big part of my life. It is the only way that has helped me to know myself, my people and my life. Life has beautiful complexities of emotions, relationships, and people and to live this to the fullest, you need to a little high. Little Sugar Cubes explores the bittersweet sides of life, love and more.... Wish you a very happy reading :)

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