An Open Letter to a Dreamer

An Open Letter to a Dreamer

Dear Dreamer,

I am calling you a dreamer because how you were born. You were born with innocently wild fearless dreams. Dreams that only subconscious knew. I know, nobody told you then that these dreams will have to fight to fight a heavy battle to get fulfilled. And now you wish you hadn’t dreamt at all. Not once, but many times you must have wished for this. So, let me tell you something today.

Happy Women’s Day to all the women who read this mail.

May you all dream bigger and shine brighter.

You were born a dreamer because this universe believed that you had the power and strength to always keep it in your eyes and one day fulfill it. So what, if the road that you are walking on is not easy. So what if the wind is blowing too strong and you are losing direction.

No matter how difficult the road and how strong the wind, the dreamer in you knows you will overcome it. It knows because the conviction that that dream is holding is far intense than any obstacle that is even remotely thinking of standing in its way. You need to believe in that dream and its conviction. The dream that resides within you. The dream that you were born with and the dream which was born out of you.

The road ahead is going to get dirtier and the wind will take the form of a storm and the in this chaos, the only thing that will help you go through will be your dream. The unadulterated belief and faith in this dream that it has in you. Don’t let it down. Life has just begun and you haven’t even seen the worst yet. Without seeing both the best and the worst, life is never complete. So let it move on, from best to worst and from worst to best. Even your dream wants to see the best and worst as it will only make its determination to be fulfilled thicker.

So my beautiful dreamer. It’s time to hold on to your dream tighter. It’s time to walk on rocky roads and through raging storms. It’s time to cross them and feel stronger. It’s time to give your dream the chance it deserves. It was born with you. Don’t abandon it. You need it more than it needs you.  Promise yourself today that you live your dream and never ever stop dreaming.

If you don’t have a dream, you don’t have anything!

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Vidisha S

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