Office Makeup – How much make up is too much for corporate places

Whether it’s dolling up or suiting up, what would your ideal office makeup routine be? Are you the “more is better” or a “natural all the way” kind?

Let’s face it – We all know that women can overdo it! In fact, I think many of us are makeup offenders & don’t even realise it! Don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered!


Whilst there isn’t a magic formula for applying the perfect amount of makeup, here are a couple of ground rules for a safe workplace look:

 the Golden rules to remember about office makeup:

• The one thing you should know about Office Makeup: The more natural, the better.
• Less is more – Be it eye makeup, blush or lips; be selfish.
• Hydration & Moisturising is key.
• Make sure it’s long lasting & waterproof, since its low maintenance.
• Foundation/Concealer should be used as just a spot-fixer as opposed to applied on the entire face. Skipping foundation all together isn’t a blunder.
• The power of one – Either go for bold lips or bold eyes. Donning dramatic eyes & bold lips at the same time is a big no no! With bold eyes, keep the lips neutral and vice versa.
• Blush – it should appear soft & rosy. Choose natural colors versus fuchsias or dark reds.

Splash on your favorite fragrance, blow yourself a kiss in the mirror & Voila! You’re ready to look flawless & rock your day.



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