New At Office – How do I start fun conversations with colleagues?

Starting a new job means discovering a new you. Yes, gelling up with new people and new environment is nothing but defining ourselves again, where you find the new you. To phrase it in another way you are new and little scared as well! This is because for many of us it will be quite challenging a task to start a conversation with strangers especially at work, where we will be under turmoil from where to start with. What would you do then? Here are few tips that can help you to say the first Hello to the one who’s beside you.

  • Introduce yourself

Getting introduced by HR or team managers might help you to an extent to start a conversation, but if you are one amongst the giant list, then you’ll have to go about introducing yourself. It might be lil off-putting at times, but it is important for you too to know who does what. You can just say “Hi !” and share some laughs. Some small talk topics can be to ask what the other person does, How long have they bee working there and how has their experience been so far.

  • Keep the Smile On

If there’s one thing people respond to, is a smiling face. A genuine smile can work wonders when you are at a new place. It will make the person with whom you are interacting to feel at ease. It lets them know you are pleasant and forthcoming.

  • Start with weather report or a latest buzz

Small Talk! No matter how cliched this is, it works nonetheless. Yes, people are very much comfortable speaking about non-political and non-controversial subjects as it is the best way to lie on the same base.

  • Be a keen observer and a good listener

Might be THE most important point here. When you are at a new place, it’s better to have a thorough observation on surroundings. Listen to the other person completely, which in turn helps you to know them better before putting your perception forth.

  • Make use of your lunch and tea breaks

Feel free to know the unsaid rules and conventions for having tea/coffee while at work. Joining the group or a person for lunch and tea breaks will help you to know the organization and co-workers better.

  • Complement it with compliments

You needn’t pay a single penny to compliment someone whom you’ve been with for their styling sense or for their skills while being at work. It makes them come closer whilst strengthening your bond. Say a good thing about their work ethic. Appreciation goes a long way.

  • Avoid being unnecessarily loud

Don’t try to get attention unnecessarily. Speaking louder may fetch the attention but doesn’t last long and there may be fair chances of being a matter for gossips.  You can impress while doing good at work.



Shwetha GSG

With quite a lot of experience as a copy writer in one of the renowned e-com portal, I gain expertise in fashion related products and its features. Graduation in fashion designing has been an added advantage to my career path. Thus my fondness inclined towards writing, where it speaks much about fashion. I would like to expand my limits by exploring varied subjects like professional attributes, personality development, current affairs and more.

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