Lies about our first Job. It’s Okay!! Here Are A Few Common Lies We Speak About The First Job.

First Jobs can be hard. #Guilty: Little lies that we’ve all spoken about the first job out of college.

If lying was a job, we know some people would be billionaires; but what if we lie about the first job? Lying about the first job with mix of realities and un-realities. Well!!! there’s no need to be embarrassed about it. Happens!!!! After all, no one is gonna tell on us. Right? Let us find out a few lies which could be common amongst many of us.

Took it easy….!!! It was just a learning experience: No matter how hard a time we had, it remains always a learning experience. Suddenly we forget all the freak-outs and panicking that we went through.

Did it just for ‘keeping myself occupied’: We’ve got to be kidding ourselves. Who goes to work for time-pass??? Our life is just about “our time span on Earth”. Often we do it because we have to do it. However, we do it mostly for time-pass. What a bluff!!!

Learnt lessons….actually got td’off :-p

How can we forget the boiling moments for which we kept a tight lid on. And when our boss assigned tied-up deadlines for accomplishing a task and we didn’t know how to handle that.

I was the “coolest”:

How does that sound?? ‘Jaws drop…eyes pop…heart stops and I was the best’-kindda attitude!!!! Posing off that we figured out every problem in the coolest way, is something that we always want to convey. Isn’t it?

I proved to be a heavy hitter:

Irrespective of the number of mistakes we make, we always want to brag of the accomplishments we make, no matter how insignificant they were. We just attitudinize everything for all the possible appreciation that can be fetched.



Anika Sonwani

Hi!!! This is Anika opening up with Nokrekk chapters for working women. While writing for Nokrekk, I got an opportunity to get in touch with the inner working women who faces, relishes and conquers the challenges of life with her inevitable grit. It has been an immense pleasure to explore writing while understanding relationships on different bounds and considerations. Looking forward to an adventurous and interesting journey accompanied with more such write-ups for the working women of today.

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