GirlsDoItBetter – Why women should be an integral part of your workforce!!




A woman is packed with a gazillion challenges every day. Her extraordinary skills are employed to overcome those challenges effectively. She takes innumerable responsibilities and tackles them enthusiastically, often better than men. Being a storehouse of balance and strength, the gender has successfully shown itself as Better Managers. Here is why women should be an integral part of your workforce:



The natural training starts from home –as daughters, mothers, sisters- which they manage with unfailing regularity. Unlike men, who are prey to impulses, women tend to evaluate and assess prudently – balancing their temperament. It wouldn’t be wrong to put -“ if women couldn’t multitask, we wouldn’t exist.”



Rather than falling apart in complex situations, women bring unique strengths to decision-making. They become risk-alert under stress and go for the smaller wins. There’s no denial to the fact that we need to have both men and women at the top level where high-stake decisions are to be made. The opinion of both the genders holds equal importance. Especially to balance both sides when tensions are running high.

Passion Intensifiers:

The art of management is a gift to women by nature. Women are flamboyant and instill passion in their work. Their inherent qualities make them good managers. They manage situations more positively compared to their male counterparts.


Better crisis management:

Women are almost half of the workforce. And, Crisis management is one area where they actually do a lot better than men because of better control over temper. With patience and cool mind, they can tide over deadliest situations. Women utilize passive leadership traits, such as tact and understanding, to manage workplace turmoil. These “feminine” qualities are most desirable when leading a company through a time of crisis.


Relationship Constructors:

Human beings are not designed to exist in isolation. Relationships play a vital role in balancing the well-being of an individual. High-achievers are often under a great deal of pressure and stress. It becomes indispensable to figure out ways to conduct yourself in a responsible manner. Women build relationships more intelligently, be it professionally or otherwise.





Nokrekk is a community of strong women. Women, who break the patriarchal stereotypes of the Indian society. Women, who fight fervently, each day and celebrate life as is. Nokrekk is a celebration of this vigour and enthusiasm.



Anika Sonwani

Hi!!! This is Anika opening up with Nokrekk chapters for working women. While writing for Nokrekk, I got an opportunity to get in touch with the inner working women who faces, relishes and conquers the challenges of life with her inevitable grit. It has been an immense pleasure to explore writing while understanding relationships on different bounds and considerations. Looking forward to an adventurous and interesting journey accompanied with more such write-ups for the working women of today.

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