DIY: Drape Your Mom’s Old Dupatta In 3 Stylish Ways

DIY: Drape Your Mom’s Old Dupatta In 3 New Stylish Ways

We all have that one dupatta in our mom’s wardrobe that we wish to steal, but can’t decide how to carry it! Even if you like it so damn much, stepping out draping the same could be a nightmare. We are here to help you wear the same old dupatta in various ways! Here are a few DIY tips to wear it like it’s sassy! You won’t get enough of it!

Wear it like a Vest

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First, you need to fold the dupatta from both its sides. Now, pin both the corners where they meet carefully using safety pins or you can tie them with a knot. After doing this properly, you’ll get two enormous arm holes on both the sides and guess what? Your brand new vest is ready in less than a minute. Pair it with a stunning LBD or maybe a denim dress.  You can also style it with an off-shoulder jumper!

Backless Kurta

Take any two corners of your dupatta and drape them along with your neckline. Tie a knot and make sure you secure it using a safety pin. Now, just take the center of the right-hand side of your dupatta and making an arm-hole according to your arm size, take it up to your shoulder and pin it there. Now, you can repeat the same process on your left side.   

The drape will give you a beautiful asymmetrical hi-low style in the front. Style it with a maxi-dress or a Long Length Kurta!

Belt It Smartly, Wear It As Kaftan!

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Neatly fold the dupatta and wrap it around your neck. Belt it up smartly at the empire waist level. Now you’ll have to carefully start taking out dupatta from both the ends till it drops off your shoulder till it looks baggy enough. Hey, girl, you look perfect! Just wear it over a tank top and pair it with ripped denim to leave all the onlookers spellbound.

Isn’t it easy to re-create magic from that old dupatta? Trust us, all these DIY styles mentioned above take less than two minutes of your time. Damn, they all will help you look stunning!

If you loved all the above style-hacks, then this tutorial will surely help you learn more of them! It’s time to rock that favorite dupatta!

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