Find your potential. Remember these very important points.

Know yourself, your strengths, personality, values and skills:

Question yourself. What am “I” good at or passionate about? This will help you decide which field best suits you. Give it a thought- whether you cook well, play well, dance well, act well…remember its you and only you to infer the best from yourself.

Its Okay!!!….to not know it all:

Nothing changes with a snap of fingers. No one knows all the answers. There are so many unknowns in this world. These moments will propel us forward and they will drag us backwards. But even in that frustration, not knowing is part of the beautiful journey of life, as it leads to beautiful destinations.

Non-hesitantly follow the “map of uncertainty”, its perfectly fine in the beginning:

Uncertainties are vital as they lead to new discoveries which create a real life altogether. Likewise, the journey towards success is challenging, confusing, heartbreaking, and breathtaking. Amongst the chaos of these extremes, never fall short of “self-belief” and “balance”.

Be prepared to face the “curve-balls”:

Never ever give up no matter how hard it becomes. Think of all the accomplishments you have made by then, the moment you feel low. Things never will seem easy, however you got to learn to handle the extreme lows and extreme highs. Remember that, the times when its most important to persevere are the times that you will be most tested.

“The only mistake you can make is not asking for help”- Sandeep Jauhar

Yes!!! It takes more courage to ask for help than to act alone. Act smart by asking for it. It acts as a ladder towards your journey and you gotta believe that there are people who find pleasure in others progress and growth. They are the ones who support you.



Anika Sonwani

Hi!!! This is Anika opening up with Nokrekk chapters for working women. While writing for Nokrekk, I got an opportunity to get in touch with the inner working women who faces, relishes and conquers the challenges of life with her inevitable grit. It has been an immense pleasure to explore writing while understanding relationships on different bounds and considerations. Looking forward to an adventurous and interesting journey accompanied with more such write-ups for the working women of today.

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