5 Tips to Tackle your Weekend Worries

What do you prefer to do on weekends? Waking up at noon, munching a brunch, watching a TV series, movies, favourite shows and perhaps realizing that you have wasted whole weekend! Though weekends are great for doing absolutely nothing yet it can’t be a good solution for breaking out from the stress chain. Here are a few interesting lazy dos for your relaxing weekend.

Drive your way

Heading out for long drive especially on empty roads either with your friends or a loved one can take you away from the confronts that you just had in weekday regimes. This will also strengthen your bond of affection; after all relationship does matter in everybody’s life!

Be a wanderer or pretend to be a tourist in your own city!

Even if you have lived there all your life, you might find some bunch of places that are yet to cover. If you are a shopping freak, then this is the best way to satiate your crave for shopping errands. Then what are you waiting for? Quickly stick this to your weekend regime list.

Go to spa and get a peaceful nap

This is the best option for relaxation than stretching those lazy mornings! Opt for a spa that caters saloon services as well. Their therapeutic massages with magical oils will soothe your stressed muscles, while saloon will enhance your beauty lines.  What else you need to pamper your body and soul with? Then unwind your weekend with a touch of rejuvenating activities.

Bake a Pie

For most of us cooking is a daily routine. Are you not bored of roti curry, rajma chaval, sabzi paratha….? For a change, give a try to continental dishes like yummy pastas, toffee pudding, chilli garlic wing and many more. Recent research says cooking can divert our mind in turn diminishing the stress elements.  Think about it.

Plan a Trip

If you have lengthy weekend ahead, plan for an excursion with your friends or family. This is really a very good stress buster as you are free to do nothing apart from lounging around and having fun. Nothing can be more joyous than spending time with our dear ones, but make sure to go off from official mails and deeds.

Have a productive weekend

Try planning your week so you finish your work before weekend. It’s not healthy to drag your work home. Create time for yourself. Check these tips to make it a productive weekend.



Shwetha GSG

With quite a lot of experience as a copy writer in one of the renowned e-com portal, I gain expertise in fashion related products and its features. Graduation in fashion designing has been an added advantage to my career path. Thus my fondness inclined towards writing, where it speaks much about fashion. I would like to expand my limits by exploring varied subjects like professional attributes, personality development, current affairs and more.

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